The Cobra Carbon Grinder is a new innovative system for grinding blast furnace carbon.
The demand for quick and safe maintenance solutions becomes more and more
important for blast furnace operators. Downtime (loss of production) thus total repair cost
is to be kept to the bare minimum. Here’s the solution: The Cobra Carbon Grinder.


The Cobra Carbon Grinder is a modified Robot which, has been equipped with special software, for the purpose of milling carbon blocks in the bottom of blast furnaces. This will be done within a precision margin of <0,5mm and within a maximum distance of 50mm from the shell. The Cobra grinder mills with robotic precision and after placement can immediately start milling reducing the overall durations of the repairs.

The Cobra operates dust free by utilizing a specialized vacuum device surrounding the milling head. Replacing the Cobra is possible either by crane, fork-lift truck or a pneumatic wheel system. The robot is designed to be durable and will last a full 100.000 hours. The Cobra is shipped in a 20ft container and the container includes all the wear & tear replacement parts.

What it can do for you...
With lining replacement in furnaces it is often required to adjust the top elevation of the floor in order to meet the new wall design. The Cobra Carbon Grinder is a robotic grinding machine able to reach the required floor elevation over the entire floor surface, independent of furnace diameter with an accuracy of less than the acquired 0.5 mm.

How it works...
The robot receives its coordinates from a laser scanning survey
instrument by means of a wireless communication system. This assures the exact same elevations through-out the furnace, irrespective the diameter. A specially designed
hood extracts all fines and dust, optimizing work conditions in and around the furnace.

Time saving, saving costs...
Instead of the normal 5-8 days the Cobra Carbon Grinder completes the work in 2-3 days, saving time and money.



Technical specifications

Technical properties:

  • ABB robot
  • WWA software
  • Height 1500 mm
  • Width 1300 mm
  • Weight 2500 kg


  • Grinding with a precision of <0.5 mm
  • Accuracy 100% based on dia Ø 14000 mm, 13 replacements
  • Grinding up to 50 mm from the ramming joint
  • Grinds at 200 mm/sec
  • Grinds at a depth of 4 mm
  • Communicates with 3 fixed coordinates

Special features:

  • Remotely controlled
  • Specialized vacuum system
  • Fits trough tap hole
  • Robotic precision
  • Max. grinding diameter Ø 6600 mm
  • CE Certified
  • TüV-Certified
  • UDT-certified

Dedusting system:

  • No dust in the furnace
  • Connected to vacuum unit
  • Distraction pipe Ø 150 mm
  • Grinding possible up to 40 mm from shell


  • 126 KVA / 60Amp
  • 6 Bar pressurized air


  • Transports in a 20 ft container
  • Sea or air freight
  • Includes wear and tear spare parts
  • Guaranteed replacement of the robot within 24-hour
  • Based on 20 mm grinding, no longer than 36 hours in the furnace


  • Pneumatic replacement wheel system
  • Crane
  • Forklift truck


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